Embracing randomness

I just finished the first project for the Inspired Modern Quilts Craftsy class. Yeah… I couldn’t resist buying another one. What can I say? I love Craftsy!

I really want to make myself a modern quilt, but I reckon I need some practice. My first 2 attempts were a bit messy after all…

For this Embracing Randomness project I used the rotary cutter for the first time. Still need to figure out the easiest way to left-handed rotary cutting, ugh. I just don’t get a steady grip on the cutter and ruler. I roughly cut everything 3.5″, but roughly isn’t quite good enough if you want to perfectly align all the blocks…Practice, practice :)).


The idea of this Embracing Randomness is to cut 80 (or how many you’d like) squares, mix them in a shoebox or bowl and randomly lay them out. After doing that with all of the squares, you can change things a little bit if you like. I didn’t change the direction of the dachshund print, I quite liked the randomness!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this quilt top. Maybe a pillowcase or cushion? Time will whisper the answer in my ear!




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