Elephant blocks


I’m working on the second project of the Inspired Modern Quilts class; the Low Volumes Tiles. There are 12 blocks, each comprised of 12 pieces of 12 different fabrics. :).

The quilt top is called Low Volume because it combines more neutral, quieter fabrics in different grays, highlighted with one pop of color.

I was inspired by the (organic) Birch Fabric Ellie in Green and searched for other low volume fabrics that would go with it. I’m still doubting the use of fabric nr. 5 (Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet). I couldn’t make up my mind, so I lay out the blocks before going to bed, and when I went into my sewing room the next morning my initial thought was “yes, I like it”, so I went with it. I don’t dislike it now, I’m just wondering if there would have been better choices (like chevron or something). But I’ve finished all 12 blocks, so it’s too late to change anything :).

I’m not sewing together the blocks yet, right now it would end up measuring 30×40″ and I think that’s a bit small. I plan on making 8 more blocks, after Easter :).


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