1st PJs

donuts2Finally a new sewing project! The scrap quilt top didn’t really count. After all the knitting, I’m ready to go back to lots of sewing and finally start making some clothes for myself (if I dare).

Pattern: McCall’s 4244
Review: I was too lazy to draft my own pattern, so I bought the McCall’s pattern for 99cents. I initially made a size M, but it was way too big. And I had already french seamed it completely. Ugh..lesson learned. I took in 2″ of the crotch seam (making it a size S??), removed the extra hip width and fake french seamed it again. Zigzag stitching is a no-no for me. I did made the pockets but eliminated them at the end.
Fabric: $2.99/yard from JoAnn’s. I got 3 yards.

Deadline: I started these pants in November, but gave up after finding out how much too big they were. Now it’s finally finished…and pyjama season is over :( This is the first week of high 70’s F (ca. 25°C) in Texas :).
For: For the coffee drinker in the house -that wouldn’t be me! :)- who picked the fabric himself. I tried to tell him a couple of times this fabric is really, really girly, but he didn’t agree. Till he spotted the hearts last week…eh… Well it fits me as well, so I’m sure it will be worn :).

Just a picture to proof that it fits both of us really well:



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  1. Tessa says: March 18, 20133:15 am

    Hehe, I can’t believe he didn’t notice the hearts before, they’re just as obvious to me as the other cookies and coffee cups ;). And anyway, it’s not just the hearts that make this girly :P. But it looks nice on you! And the cups can also hold other drinks.

  2. IngeMaakt says: March 23, 201310:59 am

    Jeej pyjamabroeken! Mijn favoriete outfit :D Ze zien er heerlijk comfortabel uit, well done! Wat wordt het volgende project? ;)

    • nienke says: March 26, 201312:22 pm

      dankje! :) Ik had ze gewoon veel sneller af moeten maken. Hmm het volgende project, ik wil zo veel. Eerst maar een tafelloper voor Pasen, een sorbetto en een jurk!

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