Maisie, Bunny and Quilling

Finished my 2nd hat this weekend; the Wheeler or Maisie hat. Not sure why this pattern has 2 names! Unfortunately it’s not long enough for my head. You can see that the hat is quite short. I do blame the pattern. I think I may frog the decrease rows and lengthen the middle section. I knit this head on 2 circular needles (picture here, it’s hard to see the see-through plastic needles) a method I quite like!



I finally decided on the nose color of my Spring bunny! I think it still needs a yellow flower in its hair…in time ;).



Yesterday evening I joined a crafty get-together. We learned the art of quilling. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done this before, at the age of 10 or something. The get-together was really nice and a lot of fun :)


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