Original by Amy Gaines

Happy New Year everyone!! To a very crafty, healthy and happy 2013!

Pattern: Knit Reindeer Pattern by Amy Gaines
: Christmas decoration

I had big plans this year making lots of decoration for Christmas, but alas…it didn’t happen. Mainly because the Texas warm weather didn’t exactly help with developing a Christmas spirit. And now that it’s finally cold and I’m in the spirit, Christmas is over and it’s already 2013!

But I did make this reindeer. Giraffe decided to take a winter nap in the mean time.

I wasn’t too sure about this pattern when I had only made the head and body, the proportions just seemed off, but now that it’s all put together I love it! I did make the nose 2 rows smaller.

Reindeer together with Mr Snowman. Mr Snowman shares the couch corner with Spike, hence his hairiness!

I wish I had experience changing the pattern to a circular needle pattern, because the seaming looks ugly, but it’s on the back so not a big deal.

I will still knit Reindeer a scarf, but probably at the end of this year, close to Christmas 2013. I calculated the scarf would be 1200 stitches and I’m not up for that now. I started on a red/white scarf, using the original pattern, but it reminds me too much of an Ajax (Dutch major league soccer club) scarf. I’ll probably go for a more candy stick approach.

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