Know Your Wool

The other day I watched the (free) Know Your Wool class by Deb Robson for Craftsy. I really enjoyed this class, it’s very informative, but it may have been a little too advanced for me. I need to have more experience with a variety of yarn to be able to really absorb all the information.


A short introduction: “Deborah Robson specializes in spinning, knitting, and weaving, although she experiments with all aspects of textiles. She co-wrote The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook: More than 200 Fibers from Animal to Spun Yarn, in collaboration with livestock expert Carol Ekarius.”

What I thought was really fun, is that Deb Robson is taking the viewer to a lifestock market and showing the animals (and their fiber) she’s been talking about. I think this is the only Craftsy class that is partially filmed outside of the studio and it’s done really well. I hope Craftsy keeps producing these great classes, free or not!


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