Knook Piggy by Amy Gaines

: Knook Piggy Pattern (free) by Amy Gaines
: Lieve
Size: I made the piglet 50% bigger than the original pattern.

I’ve had so many mixed emotions about this project. This might be the most frustrating project to-date.

I think my expectations got a bit carried away, because I really liked another version of the piglet by a fellow Ravelry member. She must have altered the pattern with lots of in- and decreases:

AnnikkenSky’s Holger

I regret that I didn’t put more in- and decreases into the project, but I’m still too inexperienced for that I think. I really didn’t like the way it was looking in the beginning, it (still) reminds me of a washcloth with eyes :-/.

But as I added the ears and everything, I think it’s sort of cute. Not loving it, but liking it. It’s cute in its own way.

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