I waited a few weeks before posting this project, I’m behind on blogging, but that’s not the reason. I didn’t blog this apron yet, because it’s M.I.A., or missing in action. This apron was a birthday gift for my mom, and I posted it on December 7th, but it still hasn’t arrived :(. I know it was still in Texas on the 9th, but that’s where the trace ends. Normally shipping would take between 5-10 working days. Other packages that I sent out, all internationally, the same day or some even 2 weeks later, have all made it across the ocean, so I’m quite worried.

It just sucks, because a) this was a gift for my mom b) I was really satisfied with the result; colors, topstitching, shape. I know a lot of people think I work very neatly, I don’t always agree, but this project was one of my neatest work. I had this project in mind for over a year (the apron matches this oven mitt), so for it to finally come together and get lost….sucks!

Pattern: self-drafted from another apron that I own
For: my mother
Fabric: Garden Tools from Caleb Gray’s Suburbia Collection for Kaufman, and Luca in Moss, West Indies by Jennifer Paganelli.

I didn’t fully manage to get all the blue chalk out. You can see a light stripe in the middle of the pocket. It just doesn’t come out completely. That actually seems to be a recurring thing in my work. Any tips??

I topstitched everything, it makes the whole project look so good :)

Please package make it to the right end destination!

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