Not so Itty Bitty

My ambitious project is going well!

For a few days I thought I was never going to finish the body. It took me 5 days to finish it. By the time it was finished my hands were sore and I put the knitting down for a couple of days. Now I’m fine again :).

Yes, it looks like a squash!

I’m the most proud of the part that no one will ever see; the bottom. I think all these rounds of increases make it look gorgeous :). Please note that the body can easily be kneaded into a different shape, but I like that the giraffe has a bit of a belly :).

I finished the head in a little bit over 1 day and I’m currently working on the inner ears and the legs. This photo makes it look like a bunny, but I couldn’t keep the ears in the right spots and photograph at the same time.

I haven’t sewn the head to the body yet, as I’m considering knitting the head again. I just don’t like how the rows between the DPN turned out. I tried to knit it as tight as possible, but it looks ugly. Maybe it’s inexperience. I tried reworking the knit fabric a bit by spreading some of the tighter stitches, it helped, but not much.

I just don’t want to finish this big project and always feel ‘blah’ about the face (it looks this sloppy on all 3 sides). I won’t decide about knitting the head again until I’ve finished all the legs, ears, spots etc.. So far I feel really good about the giraffe, but the head is too important to leave it sloppy looking!

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