DPN and circular knitting

Moving on to my second knitting project! :)

I couldn’t wait to start making this little fellow. So I decided to just go for it, supported by the Craftsy class, even though I’m a newbie knitter.

So far so good! This is how far I’ve come in 1.5 day!


Knitting with 4 double pointed needles (dpn)

Unfortunately I’m stuck right now, because I need a 12″ circular needle and I only have a 22″. I don’t want to switch back to the DPN, because then I’m more likely to drop stitches and, as Susan B. Anderson said, it will take much more time. Guess a trip to the store is inevitable.

The pink circle points out a sloppy area. I dropped 2 stitches, but was only able to pick up one of the dropped stitches. I picked up a second, but I don’t think it was the right one. I’m not sure. I spent a good half hour re-picking up the stitches, but more logical solutions only made bigger holes in the knit ‘fabric’. I hope this was the best solution!

Knitting with a circular needle


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