Stick horse

Me having fun, wearing the ‘mask’

For: My niece Lieve :)
Tutorial: Mad Mim Strapping Stick Horse DIY. What an awesome tutorial! This is definitely the quickest toy I’ve ever whipped up!
Cost: $2 for stuffing, $2 for the dowel, about $3 for the rest of the material (yarn, scraps of fleece).

It took me a while to post these pictures, I finished this horse right before my trip home at the end of August. It’s a present for my 9month old niece. I know, I know, I’m way early, giving a stick horse to a baby that can’t even walk yet! But…after seeing the Mad Mim tutorial I had an immediate rush of inspiration that needed to be used, and this is one of the few gifts I’ll never be able to send by mail (unless I pay $$$$$ maybe).

I took the biggest suitcase we had, let my sweet hubby shorten the dowel 2 inches, while watching sports and then it (barely) fit in the suitcase, in the most diagonal line. Couldn’t have been 1/4″ longer. I assembled the head to the stick at home and test rode it a couple of times in my parents summer garden :)

What a fun project! Thanks Mad Mim!




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