Candy Corn

For: decoration, but Pumpkin seems to love it, so I’m fine with him playing with it.
Pattern: Candy Corn (free) by A Morning Cup of Jo. I still want to make a couple more color variations, especially the Frankenstein! So cute!

I didn’t know what candy corn were, till about a month ago, but, for everyone else who’s not familiar with it; it’s candy popular in the US and Canada primarily around Halloween.

I still had the yarn tail attached to the amigurimi, when I tested it on Pumpkin. I test most toys on Pumpkin, but after the standard smelling, he’s usually not very interested. But, not this time! He loves the candy corn, he thinks it’s his new mouse, he was playing (soccer) with it for 15minutes this afternoon :). So I’ll just make a few more for table decoration, I guess :) That’s if I make it in time before Halloween…

I regret using a thinner yellow yarn than the orange and white yarn, but I can’t buy every color in every thickness. I wonder why it’s so hard to find yarn for a size 4 crochet hook anyway?! The orange and white were both for a size 5 – 5.5 hook.

I only noticed the space between the stitches after putting the safety eyes* in, now this ami keeps reminding me of a piranha, haha :(.

*I’m not sure if they’re actually cat safe, but as always, I’ll keep my eyes on (naughty) Pumpkin!

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  1. Tessa says: October 27, 20123:05 am

    Ahh, I love those photos!
    Leaving the tail on seems a good idea when an ami is used for a cat toy.
    Is a size 4 crochet hook 3.5 mm? I’ve got about 20 colours of yarn for that hook size, strange indeed that you have trouble finding it. Mine are nearly all from the same brand though, I guess you have to be lucky and find one that makes lots of colours.

    • nienke says: November 7, 201211:09 am

      I think size 4 is 4mm with crochet hooks, easy to remember :D

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