A lovely lady

Yesterday was the annual American Sewing Guild luncheon of our local chapter. Since April I’m the website manager (it may be temporarily under maintenance by the host), updating the site regularly with news items. Probably more often than my own blog, oops.

The luncheon was a lot of fun, we had amazing food, an extremely inspiring and talented speaker and a garage sale. This is what I got:

40 zippers for $5. I should have been 10 for $1, but I miscalculated and paid $5 instead of $4. No biggie. Not sure what I’m going to do with all these zippers, but I just couldn’t pass up the bargain ;).

All above fabric and notions for $5 total. Most items are a good 2-3 yards a piece. Last year I only bought this piece of fabric for $1, this year I scored better :).

Some fleece remnant strings that the cats absolutely love. Guaranteed hours of fun! They look so tense, because I was pulling the string and they had to hold on tight.

And last but not least, this lovely foam lady for $5. She’s a bit large chested for me (understatement), but her hips are my size, so I’m currently trying to reshape her boobs. A work in progress! Any suggestions on why she has a shoe string attached to her bosom?

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