Tommy Monkey

I made this monkey about a month ago. After spending so much time on Molly Monkey, I thought I wouldn’t make another one. But then I just knew a boy version would be such a cute present for Jonatan, who’s turning 1 later this week… So I did make another one :). And choosing an outfit for a boy is somehow much easier than for a girl! Got the colors figured out quickly.

I didn’t really name this monkey, sometimes I called him Tommy. The official name is Mikey Monkey, but… I never bought the pattern. Sorry…I’d like to support independent businesses where I can, but I’m on a budget and for $11.95 I can buy a book full of patterns :$. I think $6 would have been more reasonable, as the majority of the pattern is the base of Molly (free pattern).



One thing that is concerning me a bit is that the stuffing is coming out through the fabric. !!??! ‘Hair’ by ‘hair’ (or would threads be a better word?).  I used a different stuffing this time, because Amazon is no longer selling the brilliant Morning Glory Premium Fiberfill, nor do I know of any other place selling it.




I made up these sneakers myself. Had to switch my brain on for a bit ;). Sadly, I forgot one pretty defining line, at the end. Oh well, next time…

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  1. Tessa says: September 19, 20123:39 am

    The face you made for him is much nicer than the one in the original pattern, I think!
    Yes, patterns can sure be expensive :s.

    • nienke says: September 22, 20128:31 am

      thanks! :D I don’t like smirks. I like Tommy’s face better than Molly’s, it’s the slightly bigger eyes, I think!

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