My sewing space

Time to revive this blog!

First off, pictures from my sewing space! I finally got my sewing room cleaned out and ready for pictures. I quite like the look of empty floors (not shown in the pictures), so I’ll try to keep them that way from now on ;).

The most awesome sewing machine, a Bernina 430 :)

Art by Kurt Halsey, an inspirational poster, birthday calender and a paper bag I took with me from travels in India in 2008.

Only part of my fabric stash :$ I acquired a lot of fabric in the first few months of sewing, but since I’m running out of space and money, I’m way more picky :P.

A wedding gift from a friend :) Store bought, but cute and funny nonetheless :D

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  1. Tessa says: September 16, 201210:10 am

    Hee, toen ik klein was had ik een gedichtenboek dat ‘Als je goed om je heen kijkt zie je dat alles gekleurd is’ heette! Ik hoop binnenkort ook foto’s van mijn ‘sewing space’ te posten :D.

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