My first top!

I finally made myself a piece of clothing! :)

Pattern: Sorbetto pattern by Colette Patterns (free!)
For: myself :D
Cost: It’s been a while since I started this top, so I can’t clearly remember. About $3-$4 for the fabric and $0.60 for the aged pink bias tape.

I started this top a couple of months ago. I actually had another fabric in mind for this top, but decided to start with a cheaper fabric to make a muslin, that could end up being wearable.

3 weeks ago I finally found matching bias tape on a fabric shopping trip in home town (thanks aunt for convincing me this aged pink was the right color! And thanks to my grandma for finding matching thread in her stash!).

I quite like the top, it turned out lovelier than I thought it could be. The fabric is really thin, it was fraying a lot, but it will be nice for Texan summers. The only down side is that the top doesn’t exactly flatter my skin tone and makes me look pale. Haha, quite a big downside! The aged pink bias tape has helped a lot though, without this colorful accent I would probably never wear it! Maybe I’ll try to find (make?) a cardigan that will flatter my skin a bit more.

I never noticed till seeing this picture that the hem looks crooked :-/. Maybe I’m not standing straight? That wouldn’t surprise me ;)

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  1. Tessa says: September 22, 201210:59 am

    Hee, grappig, deze heeft Welmoed ook gemaakt! (
    Voor zover ik op de foto’s kan zien lijk je er niet bleker door dan normaal, hoor ;).

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