Camera carrier

Tutorial: Camera Carrier Insert Tutorial by A great tutorial!
Cost: about $5 for the foam (still have enough left over for another one) and $2 for the fleece. It’s not the best fleece, so I’m sure it will pill in no time (I should consider this next time and buy better fleece). Also about $3 for the velcro.
For: the Canon EOS Rebel


I really love the design of this camera carrier. We do have an official camera bag, but it’s so big and bulky and touristy, it really would be nice to carry the camera in a regular bag instead.

The carrier didn’t come out as clean or square as I would have liked, sewing the bulky 1/2″ foam and fleece was quite hard, even with the walking foot! I’m surprised the Bernina (or probably it was just me) had so much trouble with it. HowJoyful’s version looks so clean and beautiful!

Also, the carrier seems a bit tight for the camera. That’s not entirely a bad thing, the support is still really good, but it could be a better fit.

I didn’t make the dividers, I just re-used the one of the ‘official’ camera bag, we won’t be using both at the same time anyway. I actually sewed the velcro in the wrong place, making it impossible to place all the dividers. In the end I found a way to create some partition and make it work.




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