Spring bunny

I’m back from a little blogging hiatus :) I got quite a few projects to show in the coming weeks. Found my sewing mojo again :).

I’ve been working on a few birthday items, Christmas items and an Easter/Spring bunny. Can’t you tell, I’m confused about the seasons? ;)

In the mean time I’m taking baby steps at learning how to knit :) Exciting!!

I’ve been working on this little crochet bunny since mid June. I only worked on it for 20-30min at a time to spare my hands a bit. My stitches are actually way too tight, which really hurts my fingers, but I didn’t want to loosen them up halfway through, as that would be so obvious. The bunny has been almost done for weeks, I just can’t decide on the color of the nose!

I actually made a nose already, but the color and size just looked awful, so I ripped it out. I’m leaning towards the light pink (matching the ears), but because the bunny’s feet are pink as well, that’s on the verge of being too sweet, so I’m still contemplating…Give me a few more days :).

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  1. Tessa says: August 30, 20122:25 am

    I’d go for the colour on the right in the middle row.

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