What a World quilt

I have a confession to make; I quite like quilts, especially contemporary quilts. That’s a drastically different point of view from my “why would you make quilts, who needs quilts anyway, it’s just cutting something up and sewing it back together”-attitude from last year. I still think quilting is a bit one-dimensional and not as admirable as dressmaking skills (not that I consider myself skilled in any of those two yet), but I thoroughly enjoy reading modern quilting blogs. I must emphasize modern, abstract and contemporary, because I’m not someone who would enjoy traditional quilts.

If only making a quilting top, let’s not even forget about the quilting itself, didn’t take such an enormous amount of time, I would make myself a couple! Also, I wish quilting kits were cheaper. I often fall in love with quilt kits I see on the internet, but the prices for the quilting top only ($80-$120 + additional 3-5yards of fabric for the backing) really put me off.

After 2 earlier, 1 not very successful, attempts to make quilts, I decided to give it another try :).

For:4 month old Aurora, daughter of Bengali friends, who I met while studying in London, but have since moved to Vancouver.

Main panel: What a world – world map by Jill McDonald. I thought a world map would be nice for such an international family :), so she can see where her grandparents live, where her dad studied, etc.




Added detailing: I added embroidery hearts to the places/countries important in her parents’ lives. Also, the AURORA letters are inspired by the mix of letterfonts used by Jill McDonald on the world map. And I actually thought that wouldn’t take much extra time ;).






Mistake: The fact that the backing is skewed :(. I noticed it too far into the quilting. I was afraid it would happen, but couldn’t see due to the extra binding fabric attached to the back. Next time I’ll pay even more attention to it. I’m happy that I managed to get both the front and back flat, without any bumps.

Cost: As I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, I tried to mix and match less expensive (white) quilting fabric with ‘designer’ quilting fabric. In the end I still spent $35-40.

Time spent:This is a painful point, I thought I could do this quilt in 2-3 days, but not having a cutting mat (I do have a rotary cutter), meant cutting all strips with scissors. No strip ended up being straight, making everything harder and messier. Also, I think about colors A LOT. I thought about using primary colors likes the ones in the panel at first, but wanted something girlier. In the end I spent 7 days on this quilt. Most days working 2-4hours on it and the last day I spent about 16 hours on it, haha. I ended up quilting along the continents (with darning foot #9), because I really didn’t have enough time to quilt the whole thing.

Conclusion: I’m crazy, I have no sense of time/planning and I won’t make such a big intensive project again, only for myself, haha.




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  1. Michele says: July 21, 20123:59 pm

    Love the quilt. Where did you find the the subway map fabric? Do you know the name/ brand?

    • nienke says: July 21, 20126:10 pm

      Thank you!! It’s the London Tube in Multi from the London Calling fabric line by Timeless Treasures. You can find it here :).

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