Cool dude onesie

Material: store-bought onesie, thread and black jersey, image of sunglasses
For: Dude’s son

I wanted to make an onesie with sunglasses, because this dad always wears his sunglasses hanging from his t-shirt.

It soon got me thinking about the ‘anatomics’ of sunglasses, especially hanging ones. Even though the sunglasses of the shirts on the right look good visually, it’s anatomically incorrect!

So I cut my own applique and finished it a day before we left for Hawaii. At first I was planning on using the embroidery machine and just embroider the whole thing, but I thought that would soon make the onesie really stiff, so I decided to opt out.

I think the result is okay, but I just don’t like the bleeding look of the thread between the glasses :-/. Not sure what I could have done to prevent that, maybe added more stitches?



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