Halter top refashion

refashion4I got this halter top 9 years ago, when I was 18 years old and just started living on my own. It was different from anything else I’d ever worn and I loved it at first sight, but it was too expensive, so I didn’t buy it. Weeks later, I paid 14EUR (nowadays $18) for it in sale. I have an exquisite mind for such trivial details ;).

As much as I love it, I’ve hardly ever worn the top. I had acne problems, so I wasn’t confident showing much skin. I kept it in my closet, hoping things would improve. They did and didn’t. In the years that followed I gained 30lbs and the halter top stayed in the closet. Then fashion changed and the low-rise came up, or well…down, actually. I don’t care whether something is in fashion or not, but neither do I about showing off my midriff.

In 2009-2011 I got sense despite removing my 4 wisdom teeth and dealing with a bad removal aftermath (best diet ever! ;)). I started shedding the weight and the top fits again. But now it makes me look like a weirdish bodybuilder (don’t you think the top has a weird shape to begin with?) and I don’t own any high-rise jeans anymore. I realized, as much as I still love the design, I’ll probably never wear this shirt again, so it’d better be refashioned. The large applique makes it hard to make a baby outfit of it, so I decided to go for a simple pillow case (I deliberately angled the print).

It’s the first time I’ve sewn with knits and it’s as hard as I thought it would be. Sewing straight lines is not as easy, so it’s not a perfect square, but it will do. Now all I need is a princess bedroom :).




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  1. Monique says: May 20, 20121:00 pm

    haha wat ben je toch creatief! Wat een leuke kussentje is het geworden :) Staat lekker fris.


    • nienke says: May 22, 201212:24 pm

      dankjewel! :D

  2. Tessa says: May 21, 20124:33 am

    Nice! It looks just like you bought the cushion that way.
    Indeed, this type of top can make shoulders appear quite broad. And I know the problem with old tops being too short – trousers were really very high when we were 18!

    • nienke says: May 22, 201212:24 pm

      Thanks! :D I think those high waisted trousers are called mom-jeans nowadays :p

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