Shabby flower pillow

Sorry for not blogging for so long! Been busy lately with volunteering work, Spring cleaning and some hospital visits. Some ups and downs, but I feel I’m finally on the way up again :) I’m slowly working on several projects, but there is not much to blog about yet.

This week I got some exciting news, I got accepted to the volunteer program of Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. They have a spot available in the activities room (crafting and playing with kids).
I’m so excited about it, it’s exactly what I wanted! ( ^▽^)ノ Training is starting this coming Monday :).

All right back to sewing :) I made this shabby flower pillow about 6 weeks ago. I still have to put in an invisible zipper and perhaps make the actual pillow case a bit bigger, because this pillow is not filling it up quite enough, and a bigger one doesn’t fit (yet). I’m moderately excited about the result, just wasn’t what I expected, but I think mixed with other pillows, it will still look quite cute.

Tutorial: Shabby flower pillow
Material: quilting cotton
Cost: around $3 for the fabric, $2 for the zipper

shabby flower1

shabby flower2

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  1. Anne says: April 28, 20123:07 am

    In het Engels vind ik ook prima hoor :)

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