A cat house

Tutorial: A cat house by Sewtakeahike
Material: quilting cotton and Pellon Peltex heavy interfacing(71F)
For: Pumpkin & Spike!
Cost: around $22 in total :-/. $13,50 for 4yards of heavy interfacing (that was the 50% discounted price) and about $8 for the quilting cotton
Broken needles: 1
Special techniques: impossible sewing, stuck with my head in the house while sewing up the roof panels (see pictures) :p

I found the little cat house tutorial on Pinterest and was smitten with it; I just knew I needed to make Pumpkin and Spike one!


They love their pet beds, but sometimes they just want to lay covered, instead of being out in the open all the time. So this little house seemed perfect for them :).

The pattern is quite straight forward (I did alter the dimensions because P&S are so big!), I mean, you can easily see from the picture how it’s made, but attaching the flooring and the roof panels was just nearly impossible. I had to sew it up while standing, so I had better control over the house going in the right direction! I just didn’t have enough space behind my sewing machine, so the house ended up riding against the wall. I had to bend the interfacing of the house in every possible position to get the seams sewn. I was a bit worried there that bending it so much would decrease the stability of the house, but it all worked out just fine.

I also had a ‘hard’ time finishing the house, because every time I tried to pin the panels, while sitting on the floor, a little monster would get in the house and make himself comfortable. Aaargh! :) I guess it’s the biggest compliment I could get, though :D.


Originally I wanted to add detailing to the front door and perhaps a bell and name plate, but I couldn’t come up with a good idea, so I decided to leave the front panel like it was. I can always iron something on later.

Here’s some pictures of the cute monsters in their new home! :D


I was surprised they found it enjoyable and comfortable at the same time to sit together. Perfect! ^v^

Awww!! :)



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  1. Tessa says: April 9, 20124:20 am

    Aww, so cute! I just love all these photos!

  2. Lisa says: April 16, 20129:13 pm

    This is awesome! I love the pictures of them both in the house.

    • nienke says: April 20, 20129:51 pm

      thanks! :D Unfortunately the monsters are mistreating the house, haha! 1; Pumpkin doesn’t allow Spike in the house anymore, not even on his own! He will literally hit him with his paw when Spike attempts to get comfy :( 2; the house has become more of a safe house lately (I therefore temporarily took it out of the living room). Each time P+S are fighting or playing hide&seek, Spike decides to hide in the house and then in a peekaboo-kind of way speed out of the house again, while his not so skinny (ahem) body expands the doorway.

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