Love you

Original: Brigitte Herrod – Scrabble LOVE YOU Picture, love it, but the price of £59 (=$94) not so much
Material: Scrabble letters through Etsy, scrap of quilting cotton, Ikea Ribba frame
For: Christmas present for the hubby (finally finished it)
Cost: $14 in total. $3 for the Ikea frame and $11 for the Scrabble letters.

I saw below picture on the internet a long time ago and absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t mind buying original artwork, but there is no way I’m paying $94 for something that small and easy to remake. A perfect gift for the Wordfeud (Scrabble app for iPad, iPhone etc) playing hubby!


I found the Scrabble letters on Etsy, but the $11 (incl shipping) price was a bit more than I anticipated. I ending up buying them anyway because I couldn’t find any plastic ones sold by the letter (only wooden ones, but I didn’t want that). Now I’m still ‘stuck’ with the remaining 84 letters, so I guess I should make some more Scrabble art ;)

I had a hard time finding the right shadow box frame. I found one right before Christmas, only to find out at home that the glass with ‘Memories’ printed on them was glued to the frame and therefore not replaceable. I ended up giving the piece unfinished :$, and only found the right frame last weekend. There are some shadow boxes out there, but most are much too big, not white or on the expensive side. The Ikea frame is not an actual shadow box, but it worked :) Once I got all the elements, it didn’t take long to put together!


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  1. Tessa says: March 20, 20122:07 pm

    Nice :). At first I thought, £59 is not that much for original art, and surely not too much to spend on your hubby, but then I saw how simple this piece is… Good job copying it ;).

    • nienke says: March 20, 20122:17 pm

      Yeah £59 is okay for drawings etc, but not for pre-bought items glued and put into a frame ;). I’m still doubting if I’ll add a passe-partout or not. I think a white passe-partout in a white frame makes no sense!

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