Hoppy, the Easter Bunny

I decided to make an easy Easter bunny this year.
I think it looks sweet, but not very Easter-like. Oh well :) New chances next year.
I think the Bunny needs to be bigger than the carrots, for sure ;).


Tutorial: Hoppy by Larkcrafts.com
Material: I didn’t have a scarf to repurpose, but I used leftover fabric from a dress that was made into a skirt, last year by friends :) For the ears I used felt, and some wool for the pom pom.
Time needed: Without embroidering the face and making the pom pom, this project really doesn’t take long to complete. Unless your name is Nienke and you leave it, completely stuffed and all, laying around for weeks before you decide to sew up the opening ;).


I regret sewing the right side of the face into the seam allowance :-/ But I’d already notched it, so there was no way back.

Hoppy was joined yesterday by these 2 adorable rabbits I found at Hancock Fabrics :)

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  1. Monique says: April 13, 20122:11 pm

    aaah wat een schattig en warm paashaasje! Leuk gemaakt Nienke! :) Hij is wel een beetje winters als ik eerlijk ben, volgend jaar een wat frisser gekleurd haasje?

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