A yellow canary

First of all, it’s good to be back! :)
I haven’t been able to get any sewing done the past month, I spend my time watching tv all day long (not willingly!). A sudden unset of (from time to time severe) joint, muscle and nerve pain and stiffness prevented me from doing much of anything at all. Like I said, extremely boring and frustrating.

I’m 90% pain free now, although the pain is still coming and going. Activity tends to make it worse. I still have some doctors appointments planned, because the cause of all this abrupt pain is still unknown. Anyway, back to sewing it is! :)

It was very hard to pick something as my ‘first’ project! I didn’t want to start anything too big, just something cute and simple. I know I have quite some unfinished items on my shelf, but Sewing ADHD really needed to start something new. Somehow it’s quite hard for me to finish things, because I tend to lose interest fast I always get inspired by other things that I want to start making immediately!

Anyway I saw below image on Pinterest…

Source: pinterest.com via Nienke on Pinterest


…and I just wanted to make my own yellow canary! (I still hope to make some of the others too!)


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  1. Mevrouw Kinderboek says: February 21, 201210:23 am

    Very very cute. My oldest son would absolutely love to have the penguin. He is a penguin addictive. :-)

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