Yarn basket

Pattern/Tutorial: Moda’s Sewing Room Task Basket, but I made the original 51″ (!) circumferance smaller to fit my cube closet.
Cost: I’m guesstimating around $5, because of the more expensive exterior fabric
Darla Blush by Tanya Whelan and heavyweight interfacing
my crochet yarn and tools ^v^
A first: making and adding piping!

I’m having a hard time to decide what I want to make, because there are so many things that I want to make! I finally decided to go for a practical project first; making a basket for the yarn that I got over Christmas. After all I need something better than a plastic bag to keep it in :).

Someone of course had to steal the limelight while I was trying to make pictures ;)

It was my first time inserting (my own made) piping. Bernina sells a braiding foot (#12), which makes it easier to insert and cover the piping, but I don’t have that presser foot yet, so I used edgestitch foot #10 instead, which worked pretty okay. I do think some parts are a bit sloppy looking (too much fabric around the piping), so presser foot #12 is definitely on my wishlist, especially since reading it’s actually meant for sewing thicker jerseys and sweater knits.

It was also my first time adding a ‘Made with Love’-label, I thought it would look cute :). I’m looking at getting my own neenkster.com-labels produced, but haven’t been able to find a good deal yet, so generic ones work just fine for me :).

The bottom fabric of the basket is stretching a bit, I think the bottom circle may have been too small for the body panel. My mistake!

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