Miss Owl

I’m behind with blogging (and some older blogs are still incomplete) as I’ve been making some changes to this site. I’m not done yet, I guess it’s an ongoing process. I decided to make this a bilingual blog. Depending on your browser settings the blog will appear in English or Dutch, but if you’re interested in learning Dutch, click on the flag in the right side menu ;).

Also, I’ve been taking a break from sewing to get over the Christmas madness and my nearly 1.5week long jetlag (ugh..) from spending the holidays in the Netherlands. The jetlag is now long gone and all suitcases are finally unpacked :).

So here’s another project I finished before Christmas!

Pattern: Snuggly Owl by Makeit-Loveit.com (once more…this will be my last one for a while)
more expensive than the Toys for Tots felt versions, but nothing shocking (exact cost unknown)
various sorts of fleece, incl. Minkydot; cotton for the center strip
my niece :)

To make Miss Owl a bit different, I decided to fill the wings with stuffing and crinkly plastic and only attach part of the wings to the body. I thought it would be a nice extra ‘feature’ and a good practice for myself in altering the pattern a little bit :).

Some extra pictures: Miss Owl and bunting bag in progress and side view of Miss Owl.

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