Little fabric houses for Oma

Pattern/Tutorial: Retro Mama – Home for Holidays
scraps, so no calculable cost
my Oma (grandma)

After seeing Retro Mama’s tutorial, I couldn’t resist making Oma a couple of houses. The little houses represent the houses of her sister († 2010), her 3 daughters and herself :).

Needless to say it took me quite some hours (especially making decisions about the fabric combinations!), but I really enjoyed making them :). I think I’ll make myself some as well -I’m still debating if the houses are gonna represent something- and will fill them with lavender to hang between my clothes :).

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  1. Kim says: January 11, 20124:31 pm

    Your fabric houses are gorgeous! Those little birdies have great personalities, and I love your extra little hand-stitched details :)

  2. Helena, Craft and Creativity says: January 12, 20122:14 am

    Your houses are wonderful! I think I love no 16 the best, I’m such a huge fan of polka dots. :)

  3. Heather Feather says: January 12, 20129:20 pm

    Oh my gosh! These are completely adorable! I love the fabric choices and birds!

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