Inspiration for men needed!

My mind is overflowing from inspiration, but it’s all related to women, babies&children and home decor.
I find it very hard to think of anything to make for my man!

For Christmas I made him this Mavericks heart, but it’s hardly worth mentioning or giving (McCall 6453, same as the Christmas decorations). We have a couple of girly hearts hanging on door handles at home, so I figured it would be nice to have a more manly heart as well. I still need to add the ribbon so we can actually hang it; I tried to sew the ribbon to the heart a couple of times, before turning the heart outside in, but that didn’t work. Also, I prefer not to have raw finishes showing, but busy with all the other Christmas gifts, this was definitely the fastest way.

So really, I need some inspiration for male presents! Any thoughts about what to DIY for guys?

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