Gifts from Santa

Santa and his creative elves really spoiled me this year. So much so, that I actually had to get new closet space to fit all my gifts! No kidding! :-O

Here is what I was given over the Holidays:

The Bernina embroidery module to fit my machine, including the Designer v5 software. So pleased with!! However, it’s the most daunting and inspiring gift! The sky is the only limit! When I just got my sewing machine, Maarten asked me if I had already tried it out, to which I answered that I didn’t know how to switch it on. He walked over to the machine, found the on/off button straight away and my excuse was blown :P. I guess him switching the machine on for me was the little bit of encouragement I needed to get started and I may need the same kind of assistance with this add-on!

Wool in every color and texture imaginable! Great for my crochet attempts!

Beautiful scraps and bigger pieces of fabric.

Thread, spools, embroidery thread (really happy with!), snaps in every size possible and the Best Sewing Book by Reader Digest (the earlier better edition :)).

An amount of bias tape, ribbon and ric rac I could only dream of!

A weekly desk calender (although I’m a kid of the internet/digital generation, I can’t handle online calenders); Teach yourself Crochet; a stuffing tool; Amigurimi book and a book about (wool) felting (can’t wait to make felt slippers for my cold feet).

100 patterns for appliques; Embroidered dolls; Ideas for nurseries; Amigurimi&more; 100 flowers to crochet and knit; Sweet plush to crochet (aka Amigurimi world).

Last but definitely not least! A biscornu pincushion made by my grandma in my favorite color! 

Many many thanks to Santa and his elves!!

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  1. Monique says: January 9, 20123:57 pm

    Wooow wat ben jij verwend met kerst!!! Mocht je het wel allemaal weer mee naar Texas nemen aan boord? haha. Wel gaaf dat iedereen zo met je meedenkt en de juiste kado’s geeft. Veel plezier met het gebruik ervan :P

    • nienke says: January 11, 20124:33 pm

      Haha, ja het paste allemaal net in 2.5 koffer (halve koffer voor onze kleding)! Ik was van tevoren gewaarschuwd genoeg koffers mee te nemen :).

  2. theperfectnose says: April 5, 20126:14 pm

    Nice! I like the pincushion best but the embroidered treasures book looks pretty cool too. My mum had that Reader’s Digest sewing book (in English though) and I used to love leafing through it as a kid..

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