Sewing machine cozy cover

As I’m still thinking about how to finish some Xmas decorations I’m making, I started a new project with a higher state of urgency; a sewing machine cover (tutorial here)!
My machine did come with a zippered cover for traveling, but it’s a pain to get it in there every night, to protect it from dust.

Making a cover for your sewing machine is just as hard as making a website or logo for yourself. Too many possibilities, all great, but which one is the best?
Well answering that question would mean, I would never actually get to making a cover, because there is no answer, really.

Recognizing the polkadot fabric? I used one strip of the wrongly cut fabric, which was almost exactly the right size. I only added a pocket to the left side of the machine, as I’m not sure how often I’ll use it.
The cover is completely lined with the gray fabric, which I also used as an accent on the bottom. To give it some more flair, I’ll make a few fabric flowers and stitch them on the front :).

So, is this the best cover (design, color, etc) I could have made for myself? Definitely not, there is always better and more beautiful, but I like it and it protects my machine!

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