Hooded towel #2

Monogramming, as good as it looks, is just not my kind of thing; not enough quality control for my uptight mind! The sewing machine is always faster than I can make turns etc. An undo-button/ctrl Z-button would be really helpful!

So it took me a very long time to finish this hooded towel, which I basically started after finishing my first hooded towel mid September. I’m ashamed! :$ Obviously I didn’t spend more than a couple of hours on it, I kept going back to it, only to find out I didn’t remember (again) which stitch length I had used on already finished letters. Then this past Thursday I was finally on a roll :).

I’m not going to do any monogrammed towels for a while*, till Xmas brings me my aunt’s embroidery module and I can be a lazy bum watching the machine do all the work! Hehe! ^v^ I’m still debatting with myself whether the towels will still have the handmade charm, if it’s more machine-made, than handmade. Hmmm…

* I’ll make an exception for babies with 3-lettered names ;).

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