An important package finally got delivered to the home of 2 Grover fans! :)

I made their 8months old daughter a Grover applique, and matching (color) pants. The onesie is store bought.

Here is how I make appliques, I never use patterns, I just make them myself out of pictures found on the internet! I used this picture.

– Print the picture (ideally a ‘flat’ picture, without any dimension) at the right size
– Cut out all individual applique parts from the paper version
– Iron on Heat N’ Bond Iron-On Adhesive interfacing (read the instructions) to the fabric pieces, you want to use
– Trace the paper shapes on the fabric and cut them out
– Iron them onto the garment or fabric you want to make your applique on
– Iron some normal fusible interfacing to the back of the garment, for extra support
– Finally, use a satin stitch and a contrasting thread color to stitch the applique to the garment!

I think the funny thing with this Grover applique is, that I actually didn’t have any solid colored fabric, except for the Mavericks blue :). I cut Grover’s mouth out of the same Lecien scrap, I used for my Xmas stocking, right between the white dots. His nose also came out of a piece of fabric which was far from being a solid color :).

Instead of cutting his eyes from fabric (I find cutting small perfect eyes really hard, hence this item on my wishlist), I have sewn them completely with the machine (without the embroidery module). That’s even harder, so not something I’ll try again!

I used Simplicity 2291 to make the pair of pants, but added the fold-over cuffs myself. It tooks me some hours of thinking it out, but I reckon, it’s still not completely successful…Also, both the onesie and the pants are for a 24months old, but I have severe doubts miss Grover will be able to wear both items at the same time! Baby sizes are hard!

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