Forest Friends quilt

I wanted to make a quilt as a birth gift, but didn’t have much inspiration, till I found this lovely panel on

I can’t take much credit for the overall design, because I’ve only added strips of yellow fleece around the panel, batting in the middle and baby blue minky fleece (so incredibly soft!) to the back.

Out of all things I’ve made, I’m least pleased with this quilt. The front looks good, and I like the quilted lining, but I messed the back up. The back has quite some excessive fabric, and frankly needs liposuction! The pictures don’t show the problem as much. I guess I didn’t do the basting correctly.

The minky fleece is hard to cut through and so stretchy, that it keeps going everywhere, so I guess that explains the excessiveness a little bit. I’m glad I bought a walking foot, otherwise making this quilt would have been impossible (stitching through 3 thick, stretchy, fleecy layers), but it was still a tough job!

Originally I planned to use the diagonal lines throughout the whole quilt, but because of the tough fabric, I had to redo some of them, and I didn’t realise that ripping stitches out, would show so much on fleece.

At the end I just gave up, I should have done liposuction way earlier in the quilt making process, but didn’t realise till it was too late. Lesson learnt; I’m staying away from minky fleece for a bit, till I’m more experienced in making quilts :).

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