Crinkly baby toy

Yay, the other package was delivered as well! That means both the Beep beep! baby pants and bapron have safely arrived in the Netherlands :), and the crinkly toy featured in this post, and the forest quilt that I’ll post tonight or tomorrow :).

This toy is probably the fastest thing I’ve ever made! Minus selecting your fabric/ribbon, you could really make this in about 15mins (add another 5-10min for the applique). I just cut 3 squares (1 out of cotton, 1 out of minky fleece and 1 out of a crinkly plastic bag), 12 pieces of ribbon, a letter J, and appliqued/stitched it all together.

Minky material is hard to work with though, even with a walking foot. Of course I made sure the letter J would be in the middle, when I appliqued it, of course when I had sewn the cotton to the minky fleece, it wasn’t in the middle anymore (*insert short aarghh!-moment*). Oh well, oh well :).

I did learn something very important! While making this project, I stumbled upon this Youtube video, about how to stitch toys closed invisibly using a ladder stitch. I never knew and always used very visible stitches :(. From now on my little finishes will be prettier :).

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