Christmas tree skirt

Pattern: McCall 6453 (I got it for 99cents during sales)
Less than $10

Tree skirts in stores are so expensive, and I didn’t see any I liked enough to be worth its price ($30-$60). When I walked into JoAnn’s last week I was surprised to see that so much Christmas fabric was already gone (I thought people would wait till Black Friday sales), luckily I still found 2 pieces of fabric I really liked, which I matched with a 3rd.

I have yet to sew on the 4 buttons, but that will probably be some time next year, as it’s already wrapped around the tree :).

I thought this skirt would come together pretty quickly, but matching the front and the back of the skirt and pressing it once completed, took much much longer than expected. So I’m quite fed up with it now and the buttons will have to wait ;P.

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