Cherry on top

It’s always good to give someone something you’ll enjoy most yourself ;). No, I’m kidding!

So what gift are we talking about? I gave my hubby a Cake Decorating Basic Course of 4x 2hrs at our local craft store :). We just had our second class today and so far it’s really fun! I actually think I’m not the one enjoying it the most ;). We’re truly learning a lot of things :). Funny thing is, as uptight as I’m with sewing, I’m totally not when it comes to cake decorating. My mouth really won’t see the difference :P.

My cake (on the right) is a bit too messy for my taste, though, but who cares?

I did learn another important lesson today; NEVER use cake mix from a box!! You know the ones were you only have to add water and some eggs? I swear I never used cake mix before, I always bake cakes from scratch and I never got why you’d use cake mix anyway, but then I saw it was much cheaper and quicker and as I didn’t plan on eating the cakes anyway….so I did end up using cake mix, baked them and tried a tiny piece and had a migraine for the rest of the day… Reminds me of the Dutch saying “cheap things end up being ‘expensive’ purchases”. Erm…yes. And the cake didn’t even taste good at all! T_T So yeah, I don’t understand why anyone would bake a cake using cake mix.

The inevitable mess…Icing everywhere! Please, don’t take a look at our kitchen right now…

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