Patchwork scraps

I’ve changed my mind a little bit, I like patchwork, the modern kind. I was always confusing it with quilting, but now I finally know the difference. I even tried my hand at quilting for the first time the past week (picture will be online, once the postman has done his work), but I don’t like it. It’s harder than I thought, stitching straight lines through 3 thick layers of fabric, even with an expensive (walking) foot!

I like patchwork, because there are so many fabric, texture, color combinations possible, in unlimited shapes etc. That’s what is making the good thing hard though! But this is what my decisions came down to:

I got the various kinds of fabric out of a scrap bag (all sorts of sizes, colors and prints of left-over fabrics in a selection of different sizes), which I bought online. A month after I started sewing, I figured I could never buy all the fabric I would need or like, so the bag was a good alternative. Perfect for appliques as well! And of course I wasn’t the only one excited about all these new ‘drool towels’ ;)… Pumpkin, no!

No drooling? What about some digging? I know you got some good stuff there, hidden from me!

Yes, he often even sits down on the chair behind the sewing machine! My true little helper :).

Btw, I keep forgetting to make pictures of finished projects and as it were presents, I no longer have them! The past few weeks I’ve also made a Mouse-fabric bapron, a Dallas Mavericks fabric flower and 6 bibs, 13 neck coolers and 3 blankets for the Red Cross. Regretfully I quit sewing to serve at the Red Cross. The distance to pick up and drop off fabric was just too great (1,5hrs both ways by public transport).

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