Dallas Mavericks gifts

I can finally reveal what I’ve been making the past week for one big Mavericks fan and one fan-to-be!

With the Mavericks becoming the 2011 NBA Champions, it was hard to get my hands on some fabric (especially fleece, I was initially looking for), but luckily I managed to get some from J&O fabrics, before they discontinued it. I made:

– a Mavericks hanging bed organizer (tutorial) for the hubby :), as we don’t have any nightstands. (see picture of the complete item, incl. non-slip shelf liner here).

– a Mavericks baby girl dress (6+months old) and ruffled diaper cover for the little fan-to-be!. See here for a bigger picture of the diaper cover; I forgot to make Bear model it properly, it’s not so dented in normally.

– 2 Mavericks peg bears; after cutting all of above pieces, I had quite some fabric left over, so I decided to make a bear for each of the fans. I’ve only finished one peg bear so far. Contrary to popular belief (dirty minds! ;)), the black cross on his hairy belly, is his belly button! I reckon it ended up a bit low, haha!

As effortless as I may seem to make things, I often do struggle through projects. I am my own worst critic and could do with letting go a bit more! I’m extremely uptight about seams, I want french seams or rolled seams and don’t like using pinking shears. To name a few other struggles; I had to re-do big parts of the Bed Organizer bias tape 3x, as the corners were curling, because I stitched the bias tape on it too tight.

I, again, had trouble attaching the bias tape between the skirt and the top of the dress properly. Which in Nienke-world means; hiding raw edges of both skirt and top in the same bias tape. I didn’t succeed, tried 5 different ideas to hide both and when everything finally seemed right, I stitched the skirt inside out on the top (aargh #!@(!). I finally ended up hemming the upper edge of the skirt and stitching it underneath the top (this gave me some other bias tape issues, because that stitch shouldn’t show on the front part). It looks neat, but there should be an easier way to get it done!

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  1. lisa says: October 16, 20111:12 am

    That dress is so cute! Love it!

    • nienke says: October 16, 201111:24 am

      Aww thank you! :)

  2. Monique says: October 17, 20113:03 pm

    Hej Nienke,
    wat heb je weer een aantal leuke projecten afgerond!
    Wat schattig dat jurkje met luierbroekje!! Helemaal leuk :-)
    Ik lees je blogs regelmatig hoor, ga vooral zo door ;-)
    Leuke dag nog!
    Het is hier trouwens behoorlijk herfst aan het worden..


    • nienke says: October 17, 201110:42 pm

      dankje! :) ik blijf hier zeker wel bloggen hoor! :) het wordt hier ook herfstig, zo waar! vandaag was het nog 30graden (zoals de afgelopen weken), maar de komende dagen zakt de temperatuur opeens naar 18graden! brrr, koud ;).

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