Bernina class #4 and Adrian

Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures of projects I’m currently working on, as they’re highly secretive birthday projects! ;) So many birth(day)s and babyshowers in October! :) Instead, I’ll try to blog about inspiration I’ve found on the internet!

My last and final Bernina machine guide class was great again! We were shown how to applique, pintuck with presser foot 32, make perfect piping with foot 12, balance your machine and make perfect 4mm hems with foot 69.

I wish I could continue following these lessons weekly! The instructor told me this is only the ice top of what the machine can do! But it’s better for my wallet (too many interesting feet!) and  my overly inspired mind to not get any more ideas ;).

Joining the Plano ASG is bound to be dangerously inspiring as well! Yesterday I attended my first Couture group meeting; a field trip to Adrian: Glamour in the Age of Austerity 1940-47.

“In the late 1940s, WWII constraints on fabric and supplies were lifted, allowing fashion designers to move away from simplistic, military-inspired designs toward increasingly glamorous, feminine forms and styles. Gilbert Adrian led the way in this movement as an American designer. Several of his pieces will be showcased alongside pieces by various other designers, revealing the strength of his influence.”

I was a little disappointed it was such a small exhibition (10 outfits), but nevertheless it was really interesting to see how garment was made fashionable during the WWII fabric and button/decoration constraints! Using a lot of detail/decoration in garments was considered non-patriotic.

I had never heard of Adrian before, probably because my fashion knowledge is limited, but I guess it also has to do with the fame and emphasis on French designers in Europe. Hopefully we’ll keep visiting exhibitions! Everyone from the ASG was really nice and I felt really welcome :).

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