Finished my first dress!

I’ve been wanting to make some dresses for myself, but I’m still a bit hesistant. So I thought a good way to start would be a baby dress. I found a lovely tutorial at Made by Rae for an ‘Itty Bitty Baby Dress’. I selected a fabric which I have plenty of and don’t mind spoiling, if it happens.

Making the dress wasn’t too hard, except for attaching the bias tape between the bodice and the skirt. It was my first time using bias tape, so I used this funny video tutorial. Pretty easy! I sewed the bias neatly to the bodice: perfect, but err…. what about attaching the skirt now? I guess the use of bias tape explained, didn’t apply to this particular dress. So I ripped all seams and tried to incorporate both bodice and skirt in the back part of the bias tape. I’m not sure it was meant that way, but it was the only way that made sense to me (yet it took me several hours to get done). Unfortunately I figured out too late that I should have used the larger part of the bias tape on the back side, and the smaller on the front, because the other way around (as seen in the picture) it required 2 seams, which doesn’t look as pretty as 1 would have.

Oh well, quite some lessons learnt :) And after all those hours of struggling, I’m just really happy with how the dress looks and the yellow and purple combination turned out! Makes me want to use this color combination for myself as well :).

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  1. theperfectnose says: April 5, 20126:12 pm

    It looks very cute the way it is, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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