Easy bapron

I just couldn’t resist this cute fabric!
I knew it would be perfect for a bapron. A what? A bapron, a baby apron!

It’s basically a longer bib, that covers just that little bit more. Quite handy, don’t you think?
I don’t have a cute baby to model my bapron, so Bear (made by Omi, btw!) had to do the job :). I think Bear is a tad too small, but he still looks cute wearing it :).

Overall a really quick project. There aren’t many raw edges involved, so there’s not a whole lot of work covering them :).  I think once I’ve got the hang of it, I could do one in 30min. I did use store-bought bias tape though, but will attempt to make my own at some point :). Just really pleased with the awesome tutorial!

Just one small question for the experts. How do you prevent the crinkling around the edges from happening? In the picture the middle part looks worse, than it actually is. I’m mainly referring to the right part of the picture.

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  1. lisa says: September 28, 201110:38 pm

    Your sewing machine looks really fancy!

    I know a blog that you might like to read. I followed her because of knitting, but mostly it seems like she blogs about sewing her own clothes.


    • nienke says: October 1, 20118:38 pm

      thanks, that is a good blog! :) i’ll add it to my google reader
      how are your sewing plans?

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