Babyshower gifts

Yay, I finished my babyshower projects! Actually, at the time this is being posted, I’m at the babyshower, so I should be able to safely reveal them over here!

The presents did take more time than I expected, mainly because I’m just too precise about details, which makes me re-do things more often than I probably should. For example, to finish off the monogramming of the hooded towel I made, I used a buttonhole-stitch. This took quite a lot of thread and time but also gave me muscle ache, because pushing the fabric forward was tough.

Dog applique: This time I managed to think before acting.

Hooded baby towel: The project requires 1 bath towel, 1/2 of a hand towel, some cute fabric, optional ricrac and this great tutorial.

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  1. Hester says: September 17, 20112:16 pm

    I love the towel! I think i’m going to make one for Thijmen! He is such a big boy already, almost four months and wearing cloths of a one year old!

    • nienke says: September 17, 201110:00 pm

      Leuk!! :) I’m happy to inspire you! Do you have a sewing machine? Let me know if you need ‘help’, I often don’t get patterns and tutorials at first, haha :). Wow @clothing for 1yr olds :-O. I forgot to mention what’s so great about these towels, btw; they’re really quit big and I think they’ll last till they’re about 3-4yrs old! :) Most baby towels you buy in stores won’t!

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