Pet bed for the little men

I already knew I wanted to make a pet bed for our little men, so when I found a pattern in One-Yard Wonders and fabric in JoAnn, I started working on it this afternoon. The pattern is really easy, cutting the many different sizes trapezoids was the hardest part. Sewing it all together and stuffing it went like a rocket.

Pumpkin at first was a bit hesitant, but within an hour of putting the bed on the living room floor, he left his favorite drool towel and cuddled up to the new bed! While I’m writing this, he’s actually sleeping in the bed and Spike just seemed interested as well. Awww, that’s appreciation! ^v^

I do fear that ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t apply to big, overweight male cats, because it seems a bit small :(. This picture illustrates that even better. I may have to rip the seams and add a few extra inches, but will wait to see how the cats react. Also, I’m wondering if a comfortable flannel will survive for long. We’ll see!

2hrs later and Spike has discovered the bed as well! I don’t think it’s (much) too small now!

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