Pet bed #2

The ‘little men’ liked the cat pillow a bit better than I had anticipated. The result? Daily fights, stolen territories and evil looks going from one side of the room to the other. The morning after finishing the first pillow I put it in Spikes favorite corner, just to see if he would actually use it. I had never seen Pumpkin laying in that corner before, but as the days passed, he was laying there for the majority of the time, and claiming the pillow to be all his. Poor Spike! Thrown out of his corner kingdom completely!

So today I decided to make bed #2. Different color, texture (just 100% cotton) and a bit (25%) bigger. Since they’re both so keen on that specific corner now, I just put the new one next to the old one. Spike discovered the new bed first and seemed to think he had not only conquered his kingdom again, but a neighboring country as well ;). It only took a little bit, ’til he decided to share his reign :).

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  1. lisa says: September 2, 201111:38 pm

    I want those cats! I love Spike laying on both beds. So cute.

    • nienke says: September 3, 20115:20 pm

      hehe, you have cats as well, don’t you? :)
      I don’t think they get the whole bed idea yet, they variate between laying on the pillows, in front of them, or between them. This morning they dragged the big pink one underneath the dining table, I’m not sure why!

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