Fabric flower #2

I decided to try another fabric flower tutorial today. These are a bit more textured and full and more high end looking. I’ve seen those in stores plenty of times before, but they easily charge you a lot of $$, so I was interested to find out whether or not it’s easy to d.i.y.! This tutorial is a mixture of sewing with the machine and by hand. I like how it turned out, but I’m not completely convinced yet. I think I’m gonna make it again in a solid color, perhaps from sateen cotton.

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  1. lisa says: August 21, 20117:13 pm


    I want to learn how to sew soon. The most I can do is sew on a button. Maybe we can work out a trade? You sew something for me, and I will knit something for you!

  2. nienke says: August 21, 201111:16 pm

    Sounds like a better deal for me, than for you! :) I’ll need to practice some more first, hehe :) I’m really new to sewing as well! Maybe we can learn from each other?

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